Beam Element displacement

It there a way in SoFiSTiK Graphic to directly analyze beam displacement?

I’m always using nodal displacement values, but it’s quite inconvenient for large schemes.

Here I can’t see any values:
2022-11-14 10_26_40-Window

Thank you for help

Hello Sigita

If the displacements in the beamsections are stored in the database, the results should be displayed. So maybe you don’t have any relevant results in your CDB?

Here is an example showing the beam displacements:

TEDDY > File > Examples > ASE > english > ase11_girder_overturning.dat

(see Wingraf manual, chapter 3.43 BEAM - Beam Element Results, page 3-153)

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team