I wanted to know if I could use the BDK module when I have a dynamic analysis of a steel structure with module DYNA. Could I check the members with load cases superposed with the MAXIMA module?
Thank you


As far as I know, BDK can only use results from ASE and STAR2 (BDK manual chapter 1 Task Description). If you are unsure about a function, please test your idea with a small example.

In addition, BDK is not able to process superimposed loadcases (e.g. MAXIMA DESI) (BDK Manual chapter 3.11 LC - Selection of the Loadcase to be Designed). Instead, use combinations in ASE with the following types:

  • Comb Design (D)
  • Comb Accidental (A)
  • Comb Earthquake (E)
  • Comb Fire (AB)

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Thank you Frederik,
So I understand that it is possible to make a dynamic analysis in a steel structure. Am I right?
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