Bars visibility

Hi everybody

I have a request for create a “tool” to make “not visible” the rebars when the host is hide or not visible.

If I hide a host in a view (first view), i.e. slab when I want detail only the bars of a beam, if I work in a second view and I put some bars into the slab, when I return to the first one I view the bars of the slab while the the slab is hide.

Is it possible to have a command that chek if the host is hide and when the host is hide make the rebars hide too.


Hi Michele and welcome to the sofistik forum! :raising_hand_woman:t4: :rocket:

you can use Revit Filters to control the visibility of reinforcement in different views.
If the rebars of the slab and the beam are assigned to different sheets, you can use the Parameter “SOFiSTiK_Assignment” for the filter. If you aren’t working with different sheets you could use the Parameter “SOFiSTiK_Member” to filter rebars from different hosts.

I hope this helps! :raised_hands:t4:

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Thank you very much Lena!