Automatic Interaction diagrams for a defined section

Happy new year to everyone.
I have a question. Does SofistiK allow an automatic display of normal force/moment interaction diagrams? I did some research but I couldn’t find any information about this.
Example. I want to design a pile of a bridge subjected to normal force and bending moment
I want to display the normal force/moment interaction diagram for this pile section with the defined RFT
Does Sofistik give this option? I usually use other programs to do it while taking the maximum reactions from Sofistik.

In the program AQB use the command CAPA.

There should be a teddy example if I remember correctly:
→ Open teddy
→ button examples
→ AQB in the folder tree

Yes, In this example in AQB folder
I don’t understand what is the value of My. Is this value the applied moment
and Why not appear in the interaction diagram the point of the applied straining action

Intearaction diagram 2

In the example the interaction curves for normal force and moment are evaluated (TASK "NM") with the following examples:

  • N-My: My = 100 and implicitly Mz = 0 → check N vs My
  • N-My-Mz: My = 200 and Mz = 100 → check N vs My/Mz (My=2*Mz)
  • N-My-Mz: My = 100 and Mz = 100 → check N vs My/Mz (My=Mz)
  • N-ky-kz: My=Mz but using a factor instead of kNm

Basically you are just instructing whether you are checking uniaxial or biaxial bending.