ASE Linear analysis - using if condition with two not equal expressions

I am trying to loop over my loadcases for linear analysis. I want to leave two loadcases out, whenever i do it like the code below, it loops over all loadcases. If i try with just one not equal condition, then it will work, and leave one loadcase out. Why does it not work with two? see code below

+PROG ASE urs:6 $ Linear Analysis - Straddle Carrier con area
SYST PROB LINE ! Linear analysis
CTRL SOLV 4 ! Use “Direct Parallel Sparse Solver (PARDISO)” - Faster
CTRL WARN 185,398,399 ! Turn off warning for load outside plate

loop#i LC_SC
if (#i <> 12) | (#i <> 13)
LC #LC_SC(#i)


This is literally the same question:

it is true. But the topic is closed. but i think i found the solution.

I need to use the logical & operator.