Area of Tendon ignored

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I am analysing a bridge made of prestressed beams. In the SYSP section, I am defining 15mm diameter cables in line with the example in TEDDY. For simplicity, I am modelling all cables at the same level as 1 SOFISTIK tendon setting NTEN 12 (for example 12 tendons). Certain tendons dont run along the full span of the beam meaning that there are tendons overlapping. When I run the analysis I am getting the following warning:

+++++ warning no. 70121 in program INIT_LOCATIO
Area for tendon 206 is very small and will be ignored
section 101 element 2000001 X= 0.000 LC 3 ITER

Does this have to do with the fact that the program tries to delete the material within the area of overlapping tendons? Is there a way to stop the programm from removing the tendon area to suppress this warning?

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Hi there,

I just realised that this is related to the area of the tendon. I was using 4x150mm2 tendons. The warning this is below a limit set by the software. I cant see how i could suppress the warning.

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Tendons can be defined with a force transition length (for tendons without anchors). The transition length is implemented in the program by reducing the cross-section-area of the prestressing steel. Therefore, at the beginning and at the end of the defined tendon, the prestressing steel area is zero or close to zero. Therefore, the corresponding warnings are then issued during the design in AQB.

Please check the beams of tendon “206” and check whether this behaviour is intentional. In this case, no further action is required in this regard. These warnings on these points are consistent according to the definition with the transition length.

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Frederik Höller
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