Adjusting direction of laying


I have position in which legs b, c and d have variable lengths.

If I lay position in a shape of arc (use formwork options when laying) then the direction of laying cannot be controlled. In my case the direction is always in left direction and I want in right direction.

Why is this important? Because now the c lenght in not correspoding to the right b and d lengths. In the picture below in the first row there should be 0.67, 3.03, 0.59 and in the last row there should be 0.71, 2.96, 0.65. Want I want practically is to mirror the c column around the horizontal axis.

Any solutions?


Hello Mr Sabec

I think technical questions from customers should be answered from the technical support.
In this way we can assist you in the best possible way.
So please contact the support via the SOFiSTiK Application Manager > Support Assistant > …
Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team