ACTB feature with changing EI

I am using the ACTB active bending feature to calculate the bending moments in a beam which all works fine according to the tutorial in the ASE manual. However, when I change the stiffness of the material, the horizontal reaction forces do not change, which you would expect them to.

For instance, when I use a 20mm tube I get this moment distribution, and when I use a 30mm tube I get the same distribution. However you would expect the moments to increase for a stiffer section which same overall shape and curvature? I therefore don’t understand how this moment distribution is calculated? Is there a way for the calculated moments to reflect the stiffness of the sections (according to M=EIk)??

If you want to change the stiffness I recommend to use the commands in ASE GRP2 like QEMX/Y, QUEX/Y, QUEA or STEA. Please have a look at the ASE Manual page 3-49

Best regrads,
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team