Unable to run the Talpa for 2-phase models

I am using Talpa module to model the 2-D Plane strain problems. For 2-phase models (Drained /undrained types), I am receiving an error “Licensing problem” however, it’s running perfectly for the Non porous media type.

Is there any requirement of different license for 2-phase model ? or it is under development ?

Thanks in advance :blush:

Hello Mr Rana

I’m assuming you are not using an educational license.
If so, there are license packages (e.g. ASE4) that only contain the basic functions of TALPA, but without the 2-phase model for floors.
If you are interested in the 2-phase model, please contact your service partner. He or She will help you find the correct licence package for you.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

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