Teddy Template format with LaTeX

Hello everyone, I am a newbie,

and I have a question about the structure of the document in SOFISTIK for repeating systems like colums. Is it possible to use LaTeX commands like c$_{nom}$ or tables in the "+prog template"? I have something like that in mind, through a test with various programs, but cant find a hint in the manuals or in the forum?

Would be nice if there is some information.

Yours sincerely,

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

  • A table in the regular output report?
  • Generating LaTex files for a custom report?

A table in the report you generate by looping over TXB/TXE commands

Custom output files can be generated by looping over <Text,File=+myfile.txt> commands

Hey sfr,
thanks for brief reply. Just in the regular report. As a good layout has always benefit.

Then you have to use TXB/TXE with e.g.
Loop#1 5
in order to print 5 variables with 3 decimals and width 10.

Low level but it works