Taking into account slab concreting stages


There is a concrete dome built in two stages. The first concrete layer is cast on a thin steel layer with temporary overpressure inside. After the first layer of concrete curing, the temporary overpressure inside is removed and the second layer of concrete is poured. I am looking for general guidelines how it may be taking into account in SOFiSTiK. Any ideas are welcome.

as far as i know sofistik quad elements do not support internal stages. you can model it by two quads e.g. first one aligned to bottom and second one alignet to top, then set mesh 1e9 and mesh by hand (because auto-mesh do not respect each other during meshing, so you must do it manually).

You can describe two quad elements one with qref belo and one with qref abov on same nodes and assign them in different groups. Then you can switch on/off elements in order you wish to.