Stresses to the Database

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Could someone explain me when data is written to the database.
I’m asking for the moments, normal forces and stresses in the beam:

+prog maxima urs:7
head superposition
echo opt no
comb no 1 extr desi type desi
act type g
lc 1
lc 2
supp comb 1 extr max etyp beam type MY lc 1001 $This is the loadcases that is read by sof_cdb_get
supp comb 1 extr max etyp beam type N lc 1001
supp comb 1 extr max etyp beam type SIG sele Y+,Y-,Z+,Z-


But when I go (after running the .dat file) to Database Tools>Database information, there is no key that contains stresses. What do you need to do for having data stored at the keys.

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Stress are calculated in aqb
What you have done is enevelope of forces that causes extremal stresses bur without direct calculation of the

Prog aqb
Lc xxx
Stre k

Thank you, It worked!

Hello Sharon,

MAXIMA does not calculate and save stresses. The superpositions for SIG is done as follows:

  • internal temporary calculations of the normal stress of the initial load cases
  • superpositions for these normal stresses
  • printout and saving of the results as associated internal forces

Sabine Fahrendholz
Senior Product Manager

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