Speed of calculation - problem

Some time ago I have realized, that one of my workstation needs much more time to do calculation in SOFiSTIK than others. The usage of CPU is almost 0 durning the calculation. The workstation works fine and the others programms has no problem with fluently, they can use the full power of CPU - the problem contains only the SOFISTIK. The same model on the other workstations is beeing calculated much more faster.

I did all the updates, with the BIOS, drivers etc. - but with no results. The workstation is a 12th gen. of i7 CPUs, with 16GB RAM - it schould works much more better than is it.

I have double checked the settings like power managment, priority of process - everything is set for best performance, but still it does not work and the CPU seems does not use all of available power.

What can I do or check for solve this problem? The problem contains all the SSD files, only on one workstation.

Regards, Bartosz.

SOFiSTiK is bad in terms of speed. You can try to use another solver if problem is ASE or increase CDBASEMEM if problem is MAXIMA. I do not know solution for another modules.

The problem was in wrong adresses in server list in webadmin - for each task the program was searching for the license on wrong serwer, thats why it takes a lot of time. The problem was solved by cleaning up the servers list, now it works as is shoulds.