Sections Wingraf


For shell elements, using the sections/cuts (“Schnitte”) in Wingraf:
Is there any information how those forces are computed? My understanding is that for each element the internal forces are retrieved and then somehow projected/rotated? For the membrane forces and moments I have an idea (basically a tensor rotation?) but for the out-of plane shear forces I would be curious to know.


Hello Daniel,
I would recommend to you our wingraf manual where you can find several informations about cuts, chap. 2.7.2 page 2-13
You can find it at SSD/Teddy - Help - Manuals - All Manuals - Wingraf

Best regards,
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Thanks for pointing that out, I am aware on how to use them. I was looking more into the mechanical background, how does Sofistik compute out of plane shear forces parallel/perpendicular to the section? I assume it takes vx and vy on an element basis, computes the angle between the coordinate systems, and then… ? For membrane forces and bending moments I can imagine that traditional methods of tensor rotations are applied. If you can point me to any source that would be highly appreciated.