Secondary BM of prestressing

Can you help me ?
How i can get the secondary BM Of external or internal prestressing load case without using construction stage manger ( CSM )

Any help ?

Create a simple CSM and then copy-paste from the generated files.
CSM is basically a macro-generator that creates AQB and ASE files.

In $(project)_csm.dat there is a chapter “primary and secondary effect of prestress”
The control is “CTRL OPT UNRE VAL -1” for static indeterminate part

thank you for your help.
i,m so sorry for the inconvenience, and i hope you will look again at this question ( follow up this link )

i don,t know the problem in using ( EXPT option ) as the force difference in cables very small so the program not include friction losses and i want the progrmram include initial losses.
thank you

Sorry, I only use internal prestressing myself. External prestressing isn’t really my area of expertise.

Have you checked out the teddy examples?
There are a couple of cable stayed bridges in:
C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\2020\SOFiSTiK 2020\csm.dat\english\optimize