Revit does not generate finit element model

Hi, I have a problem when I try to create finit element model from Revit to SSD. Revit is not responding for a long time and ssd is empty after revit finishing (it is finished with errors in revit (isolate+ var)). What should I do? reinstall sofistik?

Hi Elena,

can you also share the Error messages from REVIT?
Is the REVIT file stored locally?

Best regards,
Nora Weber
SOFiSTiK Support Team

Hello, Nora, i exported it in excel

I work in local copy

Hi Elena,

this error message shows up, if you have defined load natures, that can not be assigned to a Sofistik Action automatically. Please open the Action Mapping and make sure that all Revit load natures have a Sofistik Action.


Thank you, Nora, I did this, but model did not appear after generating, and sofistik revit panel worked very slow. So I reinstall sofistik and it was helpful , now everything works good.