Reading CDBASE

Hello everyone,
I am trying to extract from cdbase values of the local vector ‘nx’ direction of the curved axis in exact point, which is described by station value ‘s’. To be precise I need to save values of the vector ‘nx’ of every point, which is located at the axis in a distance 1m, 2m, 3m and so on to the end. (distance is measured from the beginning of the axis). I would like to save this vector to the list.
I still get an error show in the picture below:

I would be very grateful for any tip how to solve this, as well any additional materials to familiar with cdbase approach will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
Bridge engineer

My first guess is that you are looking for another key (AXIS_CPT instead of AXIS_SPT)

General method of how to interface:

  1. Read the cdb interface manual, in your case for cadinp:
    CADINP language — CDB Interfaces 2020
  2. Find the cdb item you think you want in the cdbase help:
  3. Check that you got the right one (i.e. it exists) by looking it up in your cdb with the cdb viewer:

Also check out the interface examples in your installation folder:
C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\2020\SOFiSTiK 2020\interfaces\examples\cadinp\