Read out real cross section strains from CDB/ Auslesen von wahren Dehnungen des Querschnitts aus der CDB


I am looking for a method to extract the real strains from a concrete cross-section using the Sofistik CDB. In the case of ULS, I can obtain the strains at the center and the strain gradient in the Z-direction using 105/LC. Using these values, I am able to calculate the strains at the edge of the cross-section. However, these are the strains at the ultimate limit state, and I need the real strains.

For SLS, the data is stored under 107, but unfortunately, there is no key available for the strain gradient in the Z-direction. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could extract the real strains for the cross-section using Sofistik?

Thank you for your help.


ich suche eine Methode, um die wahren Dehnungen aus einem Betonquerschnitt mittels des Sofistik CDB zu extrahieren. Bei ULS kann ich die Dehnungen im Schwerpunkt und den Dehnungsgradienten in Z-Richtung über 105/LC auslesen. Mit diesen Werten kann ich die Dehnung am Rand des Querschnitts berechnen. Allerdings handelt es sich hierbei um die die Bruchdehnung, ich benötige jedoch die wahren Dehungen.

Für SLS werden die Daten unter 107 gespeichert, leider gibt es jedoch keinen Schlüssel für den Dehnungsgradienten in Z-Richtung. Hat jemand einen Vorschlag, wie ich die wahren Dehungen des Querschnitts mit Sofistik auslesen könnte?

Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe.


If you run the following code, an entry will be written under 145(instead of 105 as I defined here an external beam), where the strain in center and its gradient in y and z are stored on the 8th entry. These strains are not the ULS strain but normal SLS strain.

+prog aqua urs:1
norm din en199x-200x
conc 1
srec no 1 h 1000 b 1000 mno 1 spt 7

+prog aqb urs:2
beam from 1 x 0 ncs 1 cs auto type sect
lc 1
s no 1 my 100
comb extr sum lc1 1 1.0 lcst 999
nstr kmod serv

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Hi Soheil,

thank you very much for the reply. This is already helpful.
Is it possible to use the internal forces from load cases or do I need to define the internal forces manually. When I enter the number of the load case, the error " Load case 10 has no forces in database for the selected element type or the load case number is higher than the allowed maximum in AQB of" appears.
I could export the internal forces from the data base from 102 and input it unser ‘S’.
But is there also a direct way?
Thanks in advance.