RC Layers Inconsistency between Graphic and Report BrowserGraphic

Hello everyone,

I have a prestressed bridge model with beam elements. I get peak (singular?) values for a Reinforcement layer in Graphic (Wingraf) but when I check the results of the beam elements with the peak values in the Report Browser through the Check Print, I do not see the very high value of the reinforcement.

In short, there seems to be an inconsistency between the results of the reinforcement layers in the report browser and in Graphic.

Has someone faced the same problem? And is there a plausible explanation for that?

Kind Regards,

Hello Dimitris

Can you please post a simplified version of your project, so we can look at the results?
Perhaps you are comparing different results? Try to verify that the related element numbers are the same.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team