Question about Scope of TVAR– Template Variables

TVAR– Template Variables, has item “SCOP”, it means Scope of variable

But there is no example about how to define the “Scope”


The scope of a TVAR is used to set a variable for a restricted (local) area. This means you can change variables within a defined scope. A common use case is to change the boxed values during a specific program cycle.
For example:


This command reduces the e-modulus during a specific period for example during an AQB run.

You can check out a few useful commands by opening the Task “Steel Buckling Resistance (Beams)” within the SSD. Just change a few parameters (click “OK”) and open the Text Editor of the Task (Right-click on the Task > Text Editor). Now you can see that the program changes the boxed values for a specific program run (here BDK).

Text Editor

With this method you can locally change most of the boxed values of the project.

open a SSD Project > System Information > Boxed Values

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