Question about COMB in CSM module?

According to CSM manual, the COMB in CSM is for AASHTO code only.
How to get the combination for other design code that is not built in the Sofistik?


To understand the superposition of load cases with CSM, you can watch the following video.

You can also take a look at the following example:

TEDDY > File > Examples > csm > english > design > csm31_design.dat

Basically you have to create a container for the superposition of the variable loads. This container is than superposed with the dead loads, the prestress, the creep and shrinkage directly in AQB.

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I understand that I have to create a container for the superposition of the variable loads.

As for Eurocode, German code and other “built-in” codes, Sofistik has built-in rules to create combinations in CSM, like csm31_design.dat.

As for AASHTO code, I can use “COMB” to create combinations in CSM, like csm31_design_aashto_metric.dat

But how about “Non-Built-in” code? How to create combinations in CSM?

So which design code do you need? Your desired design code is therefore not listed within the AQUA chapter “3.6 NORM Default Design Code”?
If the design code is not implemented, you can’t use the standard workflows and moduls. Perhaps you can manually create the AQB files that CSM creates. But I don’t know if this is somehow possible and if this will cause any problems during the calculation.

The design code is not in the “3.6 NORM Default Design Code”.
But the design code is similar to AASHTO code, only the load factors are different.
Can I use “COMB” (AASHTO) in CSM?

OK then I would try changing the load factors and using the COMB command.
Try to test the program behaviour on a small problem.