Quad load (Earth pressure)


I am using QUAD element loading (Sofiload in Teddy) to apply earth pressure on a tunnel structure. The variation of earth pressure is specified by the parameter DPZ. The problem is that “negative” earth pressure is applied above the reference point for the load value, se image. Is it possible to define an interval in the vertical direction where the quad load is applied, i.e. between level 1 and -3?

Used syntax in Sofiload:
QUAD GRP #wall1(#i) TYPE PXP P 0 X 0 Y 0 Z #lev_e-1 DPZ -10


had the same problem. Use volu. Here is example from my sofiload text input.

+prog sofiload

lc 3 type r_1 TITL ‘Voda na 250.49 NMV’
volu qgrp 3,4 type pz p 25 z -6.65 p1 25 z1 -4.15 $zemljina
volu qgrp 3,4 type pz p 25 z -4.15 p1 33.5 z1 -3.3 $zemljina
volu qgrp 3,4 type pz p 33.5 z -3.3 p1 125.75 z1 2.85 $zemljina z vodo