Moving spring for walking pedestrian


Im trying to calculate acceleration of the footbridge loaded with walking pedestrian. The bridge model was generated from SOFIPLUS. For the purpose of modeling the walking pedestrian i used the TEDDY EXAMPLE - STEP INTELLIGENT LOAD where load is connected to the moving spring defined with input MOVS in ASE module. In the example, springs are defined with PROG SOFIMSHA. I tried to model springs in SOFIPLUS so i can use them for input MOVS, but those springs are not connected to the model ( it gives me error " the coordinates of the SPT are not lying within the plane of defined system). In the EXAMPLE spring used for MOVS is also not lying in the plane of defined system, it is conneceted with the NODE that is 0.5 m above the plane of system.

Finally, my question is, is it possible to use the MOVS input with the spring defined in SOFIPLUS and if so, how to connect it with the model?

Thank you in advance


It seems like you have choosen the wrong type of system. Try to select "3D FEA " within the system informations dialogue.

You can use the command MOVS by inserting a new TEDDY Task in your SSD project.
I think the code is the same except for your spring number.

    MOVS ... TYP QGRP 1 L0 0.5[m]

For further information you could look at the ASE manual in the chapter 3.22 MOVS

help > manuals > all manuals > ase
(or press F1 in a TEDDY window)

Best regards,
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Thank you very much