Is it possible to use several databases (CDB) for the same project?

The structure definition (aqua, sofimsha, sofimshc) is in one cdb. e.g. 1.cdb
The sofiload in one cdb, e.g. 2.cdb, and in teddy it should have reference to 1.cdb
The ase in one cdb, e.g. 3.cdb, and in teddy it should have reference to 1.cdb and 2.cdb.

Is it possible? if so, how to do it?


  • You can create a structure and then make a copy with +SYS
    Now you have an “empty geometry”
  • If you want to apply loads however you need the structure for sofiload

So you can make copies along you calculation so that:

  • Copy 1: geometry
  • Copy 2: geometry and load application
  • Copy 3: geometry and load application and ase results etc

So the cdb:s are accumulative, but I don’t think you can start a cdb in the “middle”.

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like @sfr, subsequent calculation steps often need information about the previous ones, e.g. definition of loads that are mostly required for the defined geometry?

why do you want separate databases for the next steps of the calculation? maybe I will know a different solution to your problem

In my case, the structure model is almost invariable,

  1. it takes some to time to generate structural model CDB.
  2. the sofiload and ase are often change.

If I put everything in one cdb, sometimes I will hit calculation from the begin by mistake, and it wastes time to re-generate the structure model.

try somethink like this:

+sys wait copy "$(project).cdb" "new_name.cdb"
#define project = new_name
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