Is eigenstresses included in Maxima?

According to CSM manual 2.5 Load Cases - Primary Load Cases - Difference Load Cases

The result storage loadcase 7015 then contains all parts including the inner creep eigenstresses 6015,that can never be taken into account in a MAXIMA superposition!

As for nonlinear temperature profile load case, it has eigenstresses part, then it will not be considered in Maxima?

It depends.

6015 are eigenstresses that are calculated with AQB.
AQB calculates the stresses for beams taking into account both the concrete and the prestressing cable.
ASE and maxima aren’t “aware” of the cable, so you need to use aqb for final combinations

Prestressed quads work differently and you use ase and maxima throughout.

In your case the question is:
Are all the stresses in you resulting loadcase?
Or are eigenstresses in a seperate loadcase produced by aqb.

Simply put Maxima just adds results together
If the eigenstresses are included in the results you add up you are fine.
If the eigenstresses are in a seperate loadcase (e.g. AQB produced eigenstresses), you need to use AQB