Implicit unit 1003 ver. 2020 vs 2022


Do I understand correctly that in the 2022 version the implicit unit 1003 has changed from mm to m? Why such a change? This is an API compatibility issue between versions, because in 2020 we have the mm unit and in 2022 m. Is there a way to get the unit 1003 directly from .cdb instead of .chm?

SOFiSTiK 2020:

SOFiSTiK 2022:

The topic is important e.g. to get 024/LC UX UY UZ in correct unit.

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The only difference between version 2020 and 2022 in your case is that the CDBase manual now shows the units of the values in the CDBASE. Nothing has changed for you.

Short explanation:
The first column “Notation CDBASE” shows the units of the stored values (e.g. 1003: [m]). The CDBASE always saves the values in the explicit unit set (m, kN, sec, etc.). So if you access the values from the DATABASE and read them with @key, the returned values are in the explicit unit (here [m]). This is the same behavior in 2020 as in 2022.

The second column states the unit of the default implicit unit set (here [mm]). So if you look at the node displacements in Graphic or the Result Viewer you see the deformation in the default implicit unit set (here [mm]).

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