How to run analysis without temporary structure?

The temporary structure is needed for CSM and it will be removed in the CSM after the permanent structure is completed.
After CSM, I need to run some other analysis, like temperature, settlement without temporary structure.

#include Aqua.dat
#include SofimshC.dat $ permanent structure and temporary structure are defined
#include RSET.dat
#include Tendon.dat
#include Sofiload.dat
#include CSM.dat $ temporary structure is removed
+apply “$(NAME)_csm.dat”
#include ASE.dat

The temperature, settlement are run in ASE.dat
But I find that the temporary structure which is removed in CSM comes back in ASE.

That’s because ASE doesn’t “know” what you have done in CSM.

  • In CSM you input when something is valid or not WITHIN the CSM run.
  • An ASE calculation can not “see” what you have done in other calculations.

→ You have to control everything manually in ASE outside of CSM:

Use Grp No xxx Val Off to deactivate a certain part of your structure.

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