How to export my project to LARSA 4D?

Hello. I am trying to convert my project which can be also visible and effectively be used (for example, when I change a dimension, it could be applied) in LARSA 4D but I am struggling to do it. Can you tell me what I should do in order to achieve what I want to do? Thanks in advance.


Since I have never worked with LARSA 4D, I cannot give you an exact workflow.
Why do you even want to export a SOFiSTiK project to LARSA?

Anyway, SOFiSTiK offers two methods to export models to a standard format.

  1. IFSC export
  2. SAF export

Here is a link to the supported interfaces:

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Frederik Höller
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Which Larsa 4D version are you using? The latest Larsa 4D supports grasshopper.
If you use grasshopper to make models, the geometry of models can be shared between sofsitik and Larsa 4D