How to add/remove/change support and/or release conditions for Construction Stage Analysis?

As mentioned in the topic.
Any example?

You can use springs supports with high value instead of support. You can assign springs to a group. Dont know about release conditions.

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Nodal supports are no elements, which can be organized in groups. You cannot switch them on or off!

Therefore the only option for supports to be swichted on and off, is to use spring elements. Please see also our online video training which explains the modelling of bridge in more detail.

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Thanks for the suggestion about support.
What about changing the release in the CSM?

Same principle.

The coupling condition is off per default, you add a stiff spring in order to enforce it and then you turn of the group.

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The question is what’s the proper stiffness of the spring at release location?
E.g. simply supported bridge girders made continuous
In the 1st stage, the moment is released at joint of two girders;
In the 2nd stage, the moment becomes continious, if the moment stiffnesses are different for the two girders, what would be the proper stiffness of the spring?

0 for no stiffness and try something like 1e9 for continuos.

If you are unsure test it:

  • Continuos systems:
    One proper continuos system vs stiff spring
  • Released system:
    One with the coupling actually missing vs zero spring
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