Filter results by groups


I’m having some issues with extracting filtered results in the results viewer.

I have thousands of springs organized in hundreds of groups and loaded in several load cases.

I wish to extract the vertical spring forces in certain groups, but when I combine the two tables (Figure A) and filter it by groups (Figure B), I can only see a single load case instead of all the load cases I’m asking for.

Please see the figures below.

Figure A

Figure B

I do have a workaround where I export it to teddy and do a loop for each loadcase, but that has multiple other downsides so I’d rather do it properly in Results Viewer if possible.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

  • Martin

Hi Martin,

if you open the JOIN dialogue, make sure, the table with the loadcases is the first table. You might have to turn the two tables around. As a result, the loadcases will be shown in the first column and the table is sorted according to the loadcase numbers and not the spring numbers.

Kind Regards,
Nora Weber
SOFiSTiK Support Team

Perfect, thank you very much!