External straight Prestressing

I just have a question in this photo.

If i have straight external Prestressing then i have to enter a zero for all these inputs ?


This should be correct. If you’re not sure, try varying the parameters within a small example and check the results.

For explanation:
The input of this task refers to the TENDON comand SYSP. So if you need more information, take a look at the TENDON manual.

  • Straight length at an active anchor → LPRE
    Straight length at a coupler → LFIX

  • Enable the modelling of a straight duct geometry at the jacking and dead anchor.
    For this purpose PTUV KIND or PTSV KIND of respective points must be set ac-

  • Straight length at a passive anchor → CDIS

  • Can be used to check the distances of the duct geometries to each other and to
    the edge of the elements. Deactivated with 0.
    Note: The checks take into account the respective duct tube diameters, i.e. the
    check applies to the thickness of the concrete between the ducts or to the edge.

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