Ella, transvers load effect

HI All,

I am trying to extract load effect only from centrifugal force from LM71. How should I define train or case in Ella to get only centrifugal force? Thing is that when I use default train and group 24 in ella then in result I see also effects from vertical loads. When in definition of load I use parameter for vertical load as 0 then I get no reaction at all (no vertical load = no centrifugal load).
Do anyone have any sugestions?


Try creating your own load train, e.g.:
Lc No 100 $ Place loadtrain in a lc
Trai User $ User defined loadtrain
Trbl Pw 100 $ Horisontal line load of 100 kN/m with unlimited length

sft horizontal force is diffrent than centrifugal forces. i’m don’t know how to extract centrifugal forces. you can try to make two evaluation: first with your model second one with v=0, then in wingraf you use Result definitionsGeneralComparisionSingle: Difference and select both cases. Please take care about dynamic factor, if used.

Last I checked a centrifugal force acts in the horizontal direction.