Defining concrete L sections using AQUA commands

Hello everybody,

I am modelling a concrete slab using Teddy. Beam elements with T and L sections are utilized to represent the concrete beams. I am defining the cross-sections using AQUA commands SECT, POLY and VERT.

SOFiSTiK automatically positions the beams at the gravity center of the cross-section. For the case of L section, the gravity center is located outside the beam itself. As a result, the beam is not modelled in the correct position (see the attached sketch).

Is it possible to override the position of the gravity center of the L cross-section, so that it coincides with the gravity center of the rectangular part of the section?

imo the problem is setting of structure line as “Centric beam”. In section and beam settings use “Excentric beam or pile” and model the section with origin as you want.

prog aqua
sect ... btyp beam ...

prog sofimshc
sln ... styp s ...  [or ... styp b ...]

I used the following commands to model the beam eccentricity in global y-direction:

beam … ya … ye …