CSM nonlinear with pile elements


I faced with problem for nonlinear analisys in CSM with pile elements. I have an error:

" Pile element nonlinear on primary loadcase not yet implemented.
Problem in pile element 10001. You can use SYST PROB NONL with PLC,
when you switch off all nonlinear effects in the bore profile definition
or when you switch this group linear → GRP … LINE"

, and a can’t figure out how to fix it. When i am using ase everything is ok.

Thank you in advance

the problem is sofistik doesn’t support plc and pile elements together. plc (primary load case) is fundamental for stages analysis. you can swap to linear analysis or replace pile element (beam element + bore profile) by springs – change mesh method to Generate one element and define points with springs (you can use transverse stiffness or two springs in x and y) and yield value.

Thank you for response