Cross section results extraction with VBA


is there a TYPE statment in the sofistik_daten.bas file (VBA) that allows you to get the axial strain and stresses results in the cross section of beam elements (AQB)?

I was able to access my CDB and get basic information, such as node numbers, using the example files. However, I would like to go further and enable the extraction of results using the VBA codes.


Hello Sakiyama

Have you seen the manual for the interaction between the SOFiSTiK Database (.cdb) and Excel VBA?

To extract a value from the database (.cdb) you need its exact position within the .cdb.
The memory location of a value can be found in the CDBASE Help.

TEDDY > Help > CDBASE Help

All of our VBA examples are saved in the program register:

C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\2020\SOFiSTiK 2020\interfaces\examples

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team