Creating composite fiber materials with Teddy (AQUA)


I have a model in which I defined the materials manually in SSD with the ‘Materials’ task under ‘System’. However, I would like to create my materials with a Teddy script in the AQUA program, so that I can easily change the material parameters (and so that everything in my model would be done with Teddy scripts).

The problem is that I’m not sure how to do this, because my materials are of the ‘Composite fiber’ type, and this doesn’t seem to be one of the possible literals that can be used as the ‘TYPE’ for the ‘MATE’ record (page 3-26 and 3-27 in the AQUA manual).

An example of one of the materials I work with is shown in the image. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

With the method below you can get sofistik to generate the input matching the material in the cdb.
Then you can change/parameterize the code.

  1. Create the material using the graphical interface (so that it is in the cdb)
  2. Use the “export to dat” function under database tools
  3. Pick the materials box
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Awesome, that’s even better than what I was looking for, thank you!