Concrete box assistance

Dear all,
I am a new user of Sofistik. I wanted to ask that is there any online chat or something like that to ask for assistance?
Also, I could not find any guide for concrete box design. Any useful source or material is highly appreciated.
All the Best

Hello Sina,

I assume you are a student?
So feel free to ask your questions here in this forum :slight_smile: .

As a beginner I would start with the tutorial presented on the starting page of the SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD). In a next step you can try to work yourself through the online tutorials. > Infocenter - Overview > Documentation - Tutorials

Further more advanced examples can be found within the TEDDY.

TEDDY > File > Examples > aqb > english > aqb1_1_concrete_design.dat

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team