Composite Columns in Cross Section Editor


First of all please feel free to respond in German or English. Whichever you prefer.

I am trying to model a composite column in the cross section editor but am having trouble doing so. The cross section should look as illustrated in the image. It will be a steel rectangular tube filled with concrete. The 4 circle represent tendons which will pre-stress the column. Could you please advise how this cross section should be created? I am having trouble with if it should be a new solid section out of steel, then an opening, then filled with concrete, or in what order it should be created.

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Hello Erik,

you can define such a cross section fast:

  • Use in SOFiPLUS → New Solid Section → Composite or Steel
  • Master material should be the structural steel in the first dialog ‘Section Properties’
  • Define with the command ‘Rolled Steel Shapes’ a SH standard steel profile with:
    ‘Material for Filling of hollow sections’ → input of the concrete material
    In the case of a different geometry of the steel SH profile, you can modify single geometriy values in this dialog
  • At least define the reinforcement with the dialog ‘Single Reinforcement’
    Here one layer should be available in the dialog ‘Cross Section Properties ‘tab ‘Reinforcement Layers’

Calculate the cross section → ready.

Sabine Fahrendholz
Product Management

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