Command line sps.exe with .urs file


I wish to run sofistik jobs using the command line (sps.exe)
The job is run from start to end with as minimal input as possible: a .ted file or a .sofistik project.
No .cdb is expected as all input is already contained. No .pdb reports either: they are regenerated.

In the great blog post URS-File – How To Control Chapters In Report Browser
Guido Altersberger explains how a .urs file captures report user preferences and how it could be used to configure the report output when the .pdb files are missing.

This is intersting but I don’t know how to instruct sps.exe to take a .urs file into consideration. Just having the .urs file in the working directory seems not to be enough.

I am fairly new to SOFiSTiK and looked at chapter 11 ‘Starting an Analysis’ of the basic manual (including 11.11 ‘Special Features for Start’) but I have not managed to use a .urs file so far.

Thanks for any insights.

sps.exe takes only a .dat/.sofistik files (teddy/ssd)
This then generates:

  • a database (.cdb)
  • a report file (.plb)
  • some other result files (.lst, .erg)
  • a protocol (.prt) what you see in the output when running sofistik

Then you should start the report browser (ursula.exe) feeding it the plb files you want to print format etc
Ursula will generate a .urs file with your manual tweaks (which chapter is shown etc). This is what Guido is referring to.

So basically you do the same thing with ursula and plb files as you do with sps and dat files

Take a look at the manual chapter 12.1.9 Output/w/ report browser/special features for start

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