CMS Parameter (Warping Shear Resistance)

I am working with a warping problem so I am trying to understand how Sofistik works.
After reading ASE, AQUA manuals, it is not clear for me what is the CMS parameter, how it is evaluated and how it is used.
I thought this parapeter was related to the “warping statical moment” but this is a parameter that varies in every popint of the section and Sofistik defines a unique value for the whole section so I don’t know if I am wrong. On the other hand, I cannot achieve the same reuslt than Sofistik with a parallel number.

Please, could you help me on this?



The warping shear resistance is determined similarly to the shear deformation areas, only it refers to Mt2 instead of Vy or Vz.
The background to these calculations can be found in the publication “Z. Flugwiss. Weltraumforsch. 11 (1987) 167-17” by “D. Schade, Stuttgart” with the title “Zur Berechnung von Querschnittswerten und Spannungsverteilungen für Torsion und Profilverformungen von prismatischen Stäben mit dünnwandigen Querschnschnitten”, which serves as the basis for the calculation of the thin-walled elements in AQUA.

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Frederik Höller
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