Capacity Check for Building Cores from SofiPLUS

Hi everyone.
I would like to ask, is it possible to check the capacity of the highrise building core (with the automatic Task in SSD), when the core is modeled in SofiPLUS.

Thanks in advance.


As far as I know, the capacity check for building cores is possible for the SOFiPLUS(-X) workflow, but not as intuitively as with Revit.
We are working at the moment to activate the whole work-flow for SOFiPLUS(-X). But till it is fully released, you still can use the shear-wall and capacity check task using SOFiPLUS(-X). The tasks are based on the definition of vertical design element on the location of the wall. Once you have the design elements generated in the shear-walls’ locations, the shear-wall-task will recognize them and you will have them all listed in SSD. Therefore, the rest is the same no matter if the DSL-elements come from Revit or from SOFiPLUS(-X).

In our following YouTube-video, it’s been explained how these design-elements can be generated using SOFiPLUS:

The general characteristics of the Capacity Check task can be found in the relevant manual:

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Thanks Mr. Höller.

Hi Mr. Höller.
I have tried with DECREATOR to create a Design Element that representing the Central Core of one High Rise Building:

+prog decreator urs:5
head Design element for shear walls

echo opt full val full

dsln no 501 fref gc titl ‘Central core’
dgeo opt sln ID 10
dsel grp 20

but Tasks: Shear Wall Design and Check Core Capacity could not initialize Design Element ( +++++ warning no.30 The design element no. 501 could not be initialized)…
I try to make Design Element from Core Quads (Group 20).
Can you help me, please…What have I done wrong?

Thank you in advance.