"Cannot call ClearValue when HideWhenNoValue is false" when assign reinforcement

Hi! My assignment due date is getting closer and I experienced this error message when trying to assing reinforcement in Revit via the Reinforcement Detailling function:

“Exception message: Cannot call ClearValue when HideWhenNoValue is false.”

The error also appears when placing rebar, but doesn’t seem to be fatal in that case. Is there any way to find the specific parameter and change “HideWhenNoValue” to “true”? I am new to sofistik and Revit and have no idea how I could solve this problem.
Thanks in advance!


Your project contains an old version of the SOFiSTiK_Spacing parameter. The error is caused by the Reinforcement Detailing updater trying to hide this parameter when it is empty.

This problem has already been resolved and cannot be reproduced in projects created with the latest update. In this case, the old parameter must be deleted, then the file must be saved. When the file is opened again, the new parameter is created automatically.

manage > Project Parameter > SOFiSTiK_Spacing > delete

If you cannot fix the error, please send us the relevant Revit files.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team