AQB/MAXIMA/BEMESS Short and Long Loadcases

could someone give me a tipp how to divide in Sofistik the loadcases into short and long loadcases for check the stresses in concrete at SLS QP check. I have the problem with max concrete stresses and therefore I want to use different E modulus for short and for long loadcases.


In Ase you could use the command GRP and change the stiffness of the concrete with a factor.
Grp No xxx Facs yyy.

Hard to say if this works for you without any further details

I think that we speak about two different issues - I don’t want to change the element stiffness when I determine the forces in cross sections but I want to change the stiffness because of creep when I design the reinforced cross section and for that I need the another curve for concrete in SLS for long loads and other (without creep factor) for short loadcases. How to change the concrete material curve in SLS I know - this option is available when I determine the concrete material. So “per hand”/manually I know how to do it but I want that Sofistik do it automatically (different SLS curves for short and for long loadcases) but maybe it is imposibble.